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Best Brazilian Wax In Town
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                                                                    Wax by Eva

                                      405 N. Wabash Ave. Level 3P  Chicago, IL 60611

The Best Brazilian Wax in Town!  Eva Trella is the queen of waxing, she is really amazing.  She is super fast,
professional and really funny.  She has done tons of playboy centerfolds and is a really down to earth person,
no need to be embarrassed here...she has probably seen everything!  Plus her prices are the best, she is really
reasonable and not into the BS that most places are really charging you for.  
Full body wax for men and women & facials are avail.
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Tristan A.

Chicago, IL
5 star rating

So I must say this isn't the place for you if you are shy and need to get babied-This place is down to the point waxing-

Since I moved downtown I needed to find a place closer, did not want to go back to the Belmont area where I went to The Waxing
Room, wanted to stay downtown-Eva is just across the river from me and she had great reviews so I wanted to try her-

You go in and instantly strip from waist down, she starts right away and you will be done in no time flat-She was nice, professional
and you could tell she's had years of experience-
You have choices from shapes/designs to getting it all taken off, which I opted for-On a pain scale from 1-10 I would say it was a 1,
she's fast so there is no pain-

I will continue to go back to her for sure, she knows what she is doing and made me feel comfortable-
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The Fountain of Youth
Wax By Eva