Chef Mike Faiss is proud to present
                       Connoisseur Club.
                 Come to join us for sophisticated dining experience.
                     Free membership is advisable but not required
                  Our meetings are on the last Tuesday of the month.
                           Members participate in menu creation.
                 Full diner with paired beverages are served.
                       Each time cuisine from different country .
          Learn about special and secret dishes from all over the world.
                                               Taste unusual  
  • Check our new location
  • We've been in business for over 20 years
  • Call us 775 882 - 3333
Connoisseur Club
Come to dine with us.
          For your convenience we are open for breakfast , lunch and dinner.
                                                 From 8AM to 9PM

                                                        Our Location
                                              963 Topsy Lane, Ste. 312
                                                         Carson City
                     Reservation recommended for the party of nine or more
                             775 882 - 3333