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We carry large selection of sophisticated gifts and bibelots for every occasion.
From proposal and marriage, to  ............ divorce.
For happy days and when you feel blue.
Visit us we will feel for you......................and try to keep you smile.
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Floral Vineyard
Say it with flowers.

                                                     Khristopher's Café and  Floral Vineyard                                                                       
                                    Welcome you to visit our flower shop at:
                                                                                   963 Topsy Lane, Ste. 312
                                                                                              Carson City
                     775 882 - 3333

We are a full service Flower Shop, with local and worldwide deliveries through our partner 1-800-Flowers.

               Our on site floral designers will awake a magic from even a single rose.

             They will convert  any arrangements and every bouquet in the beautiful art.

                                        For Your convenience  we are open

                                               Monday through Saturday.

                                                             8am to 4pm

                For your special need after hours, we are available by appointment.
                                                  Call us  

775 882 - 3333