Prima Colazione
Breakfast served from 7:30am to 11:00am (11:30 Sunday)
All egg dishes served with choice of red rosemary home-style potatoes,
or hash browns  & toast. Two egg option available.

Three Eggs any Style                                                                        $6.95
With your choice of bacon or spicy Italian sausage link.
Sun Dried Tomato & Feta Cheese Scramble                                                $7.95
Eggs blended with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled eggplant & feta cheese.
Crab Scramble                                                                                $9.95
Fresh Asparagus, crab meat, Roma tomatoes, dried cranberries
& jack cheese.  All folded with scrambled eggs.
Roasted Peppers & Gorgonzola Cheese Scramble                                        $7.95
Hearty Gorgonzola cheese, Roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts, & roasted peppers.
All scrambled with eggs.
Vegi Scramble                                                                                $7.95
Fresh Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers,
& jack cheese.  All folded with scrambled eggs.
Salmon & Eggs                                                                                $9.95
Petite Salmon steak topped with lemon butter pesto sauce & three eggs, any style.
Italian Joe’s Special                                                                                $7.95
Fresh basil, diced Italian meatball, garlic, hint of marinara,
Parmesan cheese, all folded in scrambled eggs.
Prosciutto & Cheddar Omelette                                                                $7.95
Prosciutto ham, roasted peppers, red onion, & cheddar cheese.
Portabella Mushroom Omelette                                        $8.75
Crispy bacon, Portabella mushroom, fresh asparagus & Swiss cheese.
Shrimp Omelette                                                                                $8.95
Artichoke hearts, diced shrimp, Roma tomato & jack cheese.
Italian Sausage Omelette                                                                        $7.95
Spicy Italian sausage, roasted peppers, red onions, tomatoes & mozzarella cheese.

Specialties and Griddles

French Toast                                                                                $4.95
Two thick slices, dipped in seasoned egg batter and grilled.
Three buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and butter.                                        $4.75
Two buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and butter.                                        $3.95
Short Stack-N- Eggs                                                                        $6.95
Two buttermilk pancakes with two eggs and two strips of bacon
Or one spicy Italian sausage link. Maple syrup and butter.
Breakfast Burrito                                                                                $5.95
A large flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, onions and cheddar cheese.
Served with spicy tomato sauce.
Spicy Italian Burrito                                                                        $5.95
A large flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, Italian sausage,
mozzarella cheese and roasted peppers. Served with spicy tomato sauce.
Egg Focaccia Sandwich                                                                        $5.95
Two eggs scrambled, bacon, cheddar cheese on toasted Focaccia.
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
Simply Delicious
Lunch and Dinner
                                         Here at Khristopher’s
            We use only the freshest ingredients
            for our pastas, salads and specialties.
           Because our products are made fresh,
      some items may be limited in daily quantities.

                                              Pranzo/ Pasto Serale

                    Lunch / Dinner served from 11:00am to 9:00pm Daily



Khristopher’s Cesare                                                                        $8.45
With herbed croutons, shaved Romano & Khristopher’s
own creamy Caesar dressing.
Add grilled chicken breast                    $9.75     Add grilled salmon                                $11.95
Insalata Granchio                                                                                 $11.95
Sautéed crab, asparagus and roasted garlic. Top a romaine salad
with Roma tomatoes, roasted peppers and our creamy Caesar dressing.
Noce Insalata di Pollo alla Griglia                                                        $9.75
Fresh romaine with crispy bacon, Roma tomatoes, grilled chicken,
Roasted peppers & feta cheese. Tossed in a walnut vinaigrette dressing.
Gambero Opaco Insalata                                                                          $11.95
Sautéed shrimp and portabella mushrooms in a balsamic sauce. Top a bed of
Romaine lettuce with marinated Roma tomatoes, feta cheese, roasted peppers,
and toasted garlic, blended with kalamata dressing.
Insalata Mediterranea                                                                     $9.75
Romaine lettuce, roasted peppers, Roma tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers
tossed in a kalamata olive dressing & topped with Gorgonzola cheese.
Insalata di Fajita del Pollo                                                                     $9.75
Mixed salad greens blended with balsamic vinaigrette, cheddar cheese, grilled
chicken, roasted peppers, black olives & red onions.
Martuni                                                                                                           $10.25
Grilled Ahi tuna flaked with artichoke hearts, onion, & celery in a pesto
mayonnaise dressing, top a salad with marinated Roma tomatoes, cucumbers ,
red onions, feta cheese and kalamata olive dressing.


Sandwiches served with pasta salad of the day.
Pollo Trentino                                                                                                            $7.95
Grilled breast of chicken with Swiss cheese, roasted peppers,
marinated Roma tomatoes, & lettuce.
Salsiccia Italiana con I Pepperoni Arrostit                                                   $8.45
Spicy Italian sausage with mushrooms, garlic, red onions,
roasted peppers and marinara sauce. Topped with shaved Romano cheese.
Pollo della California                                                                        $8.95
Grilled chicken breast, jack cheese, sliced avocado, lettuce & bacon.
Salmone di Genova                                                                                $10.95
Grilled salmon with feta cheese, marinated roma tomatoes & fresh basil.
Panino con Polpette                                                                             $8.45
Homemade meatballs with our own marinara basil sauce.
Topped with mozzarella & Romano cheeses.
Cordon Bleu del Pollo                                                                        $8.25
Grilled chicken breast with mozzarella, prosciutto, lettuce & Dijon mustard.
Panino dell 'Insalata del Tonno                                                                $8.95
Grilled Ahi tuna flaked with artichoke hearts, onion, & celery in a pesto
mayonnaise dressing.  Garnished with marinated tomatoes & lettuce.
Melanzana alla Griglia                                                                    $7.95
Grilled eggplant, marinara, mozzarella, fresh basil and marinated Roma tomatoes.



Spaghettini                                                                                    $9.75
With marinara sauce or meat sauce sautéed with garlic & fresh basil.
Spaghettini con le Polpette                                                                      $11.95
Spaghetti with meat sauce. Sautéed with garlic &
fresh basil. Topped with homemade meatballs.
Penne con Gambero        Rosemary                                                                $13.95
Sautéed shrimp, mushrooms, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers
& fresh rosemary tossed in a white wine, butter sauce.
Salmone Picatta Fettuccine                                                                 $13.95
Salmon pieces sautéed with artichoke hearts, mushrooms,
Sun-dried tomatoes & capers in a white wine lemon butter sauce.
Radiatore Napoletani                                                                        $11.95
Spicy Italian sausage, black olives, roasted peppers & Portabella mushrooms,
with fresh Italian parsley in marinara sauce.
Penne Pollo Noce                                                                                $12.95
Chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms, roma tomatoes and walnuts.
In a gorgonzola cream sauce with fresh Italian parsley.
Ravioli Sei Formaggio                                                                      $14.95
Six cheese ravioli with shrimp, roasted peppers,
and black olives over polenta, with a creamy marinara sauce.
Cappellini Ortaggi                                                   $10.95
Sun-dried tomatoes, grilled eggplant, mushrooms,
Blended in a marinara feta cheese sauce.
Fettuccine Pollo Carciofo                                                                        $12.95
Chicken breast sautéed with artichoke hearts,
roma tomatoes & basil in a white wine lemon sauce.
Tortelloni Buongustaio                                                                        $13.95
Mushroom filled tortelloni with prosciutto, mushrooms
& roma tomatoes folded into a Parmesan cream sauce.

            Pollo Farcito

Pollo Cotto Prosciutto                                                                         $13.95
Baked chicken breast stuffed with portabella mushrooms, prosciutto, roasted peppers,
and feta cheese. Smothered in marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.
Served on penne with pesto cream sauce.
Pollo Cotto Gorgonzola                                                                         $13.95
Baked chicken breast stuffed with fresh basil, gorgonzola cheese,
walnuts and Roma tomatoes. Topped with marinara sauce and
mozzarella cheese. Served on radiatore pasta in a creamy marinara sauce.
Darciatora                                                                                 $14.95
Sautéed floured chicken breasts, topped with a peppernata sauce of mushrooms,
red onions and roasted peppers, served with roasted rosemary potatoes and asparagus.
Salmone Salsa Pesto Limonata                                                                    $15.95
Grilled salmon steak, topped with a creamy lemon butter pesto sauce.
Served with asparagus and gorgonzola red roasted potatoes.
Pollo Marsala                                                                                 $14.95
Lightly breaded chicken breasts sautéed with mushrooms in
Marsala wine sauce, served with roasted rosemary gorgonzola potatoes.

        Sales tax will be added to the price of all food and beverage items served.
                                       17% Gratuity added for parties of 8 or more.        
                                            Sorry, No personal checks accepted.

Chocolate Cake  - Rich Chocolate Favorite             $5.95

Tiramisu  -  Lady fingers and Marscarpone             $6.95

Spumoni -   Smooth, rich Italian ice cream              $5.95

      Khristopher will give you free refills
            on your coffee, tea or soda.

Coffee                                                                           $1.75
Hot Tea                                                                         $1.75
Iced Tea                                                                        $2.00
Soda                                                                             $2.00
S. Pellegrino                                                                 $2.75
Blu’ Italy Lemon                                                           $4.50
Hot Chocolate                                                               $2.50
Milk large                                                                      $2.75
small                                                                    $1.75
Juices large                                                                  $2.75
small                                                                  $1.75

                    Soup and Sides
Soup                                                                                  $4.25
House Salad                                                                      $4.50
Pasta w/butter                                                                   $4.25
Pasta Salad                                                                        $1.75
Rosemary Potatoes                                                          $2.25
Gorgonzola Potatoes                                                       $3.75

                     Morning Extras

Two Slices of Toast                                                          $1.75
Two eggs any style                                                          $2.50
Hash Browns                                                                    $1.95
Bacon or Italian Sausage                                                $2.95


Bruschetta Milan                                                                      $7.95
Sautéed Roma tomatoes, red onions, fresh basil,
Parmesan, Italian parsley on toasted ciabatta.

Antipasto Italiano                                                                     $7.95
Proscuitto, mozzarella, marinated tomato,
artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, pepperoncini.

Gambero Eva con Portabella                                                  $8.95
Sautéed shrimp and Portabella mushrooms
in a Balsamic Dijon sauce.

Parmesan Tostato                                                                    $5.25
Rosemary bread slices, topped with garlic and
Toasted Parmesan cheese.

Parmesan Primo Piatto                                                              $7.95
Our Parmesan toasts, topped with marinara,
Fresh basil, mozzarella and marinated tomato.

       Beer and Wine

Budweiser or Bud Light                                                        $3.50

St. Pauli N.A.                                                                           $3.50

Amber Bock or Corona                                                         $3.75

Peroni or Birra Moretti                                                         $4.25

Bolla Chianti                                                                           $25.00
Glass                                                                                $6.50

Ruffino Chianti                                                                      $27.00
Glass                                                                               $7.00

Sangiovese Di Toscana                                                       $21.00
Glass                                                                              $5.50

Cavit  Pinot Grigio                                                                 $29.00
Glass                                                                               $7.25

Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon                                 $22.00
Glass                                                                               $5.75

Dancing Bull Cabernet Sauvignon                                      $23.00
Glass                                                                               $6.00

Aquinas Cabernet Sauvignon                                             $30.00
Glass                                                                              $8.50

Bella Sera Merlot                                                                 $20.00
Glass                                                                             $5.25

Hob Nob Merlot                                                                   $30.00
Glass                                                                             $8.00

Meridian Chardonnay                                                          $23.00
Glass                                                                              $6.00

Dancing Bull Chardonnay                                                   $20.00
Glass                                                                             $5.25

Bogle Sauvignon  Blanc                                                    $26.00
Glass                                                                            $6.75

Beringer White Zinfandel                                                 $14.00
Glass                                                                           $3.75
     Welcome, Benvenuto,
  We hope you enjoy your visit!
While we are preparing your meal, please browse
around the Floral Vineyard. We are a full service
Flower shop, with local and worldwide deliveries
through our partner 1-800-Flowers.
In need of a single wrapped rose to an elegant
Wedding package, we can help you.
Our on site floral designer is available to
Assist you Monday through Saturday, from
8am to 4pm or by appointment.