Each month on the last Tuesday of the month, Starting June 24. Chef’s Steve and Mike will
be preparing multi course meals to be pared with wine and beverages from around the world.

 The inaugural evening will honor the country of Italy.

            The courses prepared for your dining pleasure, will start with:

Parmesan Primo Piatto and Antipasto
Parmesan toasts, topped with marinara, fresh basil, mozzarella and marinated tomato.

Insalata Gorgonzola con pera
Fresh romaine tossed with cranraisens, pears, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese with a
raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Main course:
Tre delizie con radiatore

Crab, shrimp and slipper lobster, sautéed with roma tomatoes, basil, and mushrooms. Folded
in a parmesan cream sauce with radiatore pasta. Topped with toasted garlic.

Cannoli and Tiramisu

    Carefully  chosen  good selection of wines and beverages will be included in  your dining expirience.

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